The Inn was built as a single family home in 1911 by veterinarian Harley N. Viers. Later his daughter Winifred Wooster a medical school graduate, set up practice in the front part of the home. She and her husband David Wooster a high school industrial arts teacher lived in part of the home and rented out the back portion. People today still remember it as Dr. Wooster's office. Winifred passed away in 1967, the property at that time was purchased by Harry and Muriel Wing, a long time local farmer, to use as their town home. Later Muriel's sister Minx and husband resided in the front part of the home. Upon his and Harry's  death Muriel and Minx used it as their town home. Minx and Muriel had both passed away, when the property became for sale. 

Cliff and Pat Johns purchased it in December of 2006. They were originally going to turn it back into a single family home, but with the uniqueness of all the doors on the east their sons told them it would make a neat Inn. With a great deal of restoration, that brings us to where we are today. There are 4 suites available. Two have fully equipped kitchens, two with mini kitchens, all have private baths, luxury beds and bedding.

Eventually there will be a laundry and recreation area in the walk-out basement. There will also be a picnic party area, and we have an adjacent vacant lot that would make a great place to set up a large party tent for a wedding etc. We are taking reservations now for family reunions, class reunions, weddings, etc. Located in downtown Minneapolis, with the Solomon River, beautiful Markley Park, and local swimming pool with-in walking distance.

To help you enjoy your stay, we are informing you of how the inn operates. Once you have arrived, you are on your own. We do not have house cleaning or room service during your stay.  There should be plenty of bath towels, a clean set of bedding if needed, and other necessities in your suite for you.  You are welcome to bring in and prepare food or drinks.  Upon request, for an extra fee, there is breakfast available to you, but this is something that needs to be arranged in advance.  Please make sure if you leave your room during your stay that you take the keys with you.  If an emergency should arise, please feel free to call Pat or Brian.  Their numbers are listed in your room and also on the front door.   When leaving, there is no need to make the bed. Please put all dirty towels in the shower, and we would appreciate dirty dishes be put in the sink or dishwasher.  Leave the suite keys and your check for amount due on the table.   Check-in time is 1:00 p.m.  Check-out time is 12:00 p.m.  We are flexible on these times. We hope you enjoy your stay and that you will stay with us again!